Services 360° pour footballeur pro et clubs


Enjoy the best agents and advisors combined together

With his past as a player and his experience in the sports management of elite clubs, Luis Ferrer built the conviction that the support of athletes and clubs is part of a long-term relationship, by providing 360 ° of services. Thus was born LF360 ™.

360° Services

At every step of his carrer,
a player needs personalized advice and appropriate support


Spotting and hiring young talents

Career Management

Support you in the long term


Using brands to promote your notoriety

Family Care

Supporting you every day

French Interview

All services under same roof, so
players can focus on its performance


Professionals dedicated to young talents, united
within an agency

Because competition calls for excellence, LF360 ™ has built a team and surround with professionals specializing in football (Consultants, agents, supervisors, lawyers, accountants, tax specialists, etc.)

Because football is global, LF360 ™ built around Luis FERRER and his network, a natural bridge between South America and the rest of the world.

Because a career is built over time, LF360 ™ supports its talents at every step, without losing sight of long-term goals.

Because in competitive sport results are important, LF360 ™ relies on the latest technologies (Artificial Intelligence, big data, etc.), to be able to optimize the sports performance


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